Financial Advisor services

We, along side major banking institutions,  can offer you a wide range of services, from helping you select individual investments to developing a retirement plan. With access to a broad array of company resources -- including research analysts and economic and market experts -- We can help you make informed investment decisions based on your specific needs. 

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Engineering and Consulting

If you have a land and would like us to help you build the property of your choice, you have come to the correct place. Our sister company, Semaan & Soberman, is a multi-disciplinary consulting and engineering firm. 

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brokerage and financial services

The brainchild of internet and financial experts, iLimitsInvest’s mission is to create online trading solutions that are both efficient and quick. We offer a suite of innovative trading tools and meet strict financial standards to ensure our traders are protected.

We provide brokerage and financial services to individuals and large corporations as well as portfolio managers and financial institutions. With our help, our users have their fingers on the pulse of the global foreign exchange market in a secure environment. To facilitate that process, we provide advanced trading tools and services that are backed with a wealth of resources, education and training.

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Hedge Funding

Through our sister company in Cyprus and Dubai, we can invest your money through unique formulas with a guaranteed return on 10% on investment. Terms and conditions applied. Please contact us for more information.